Green Screen Production

Green screen video productions make anything possible. Let our Media Production team bring your imagination to life!

Many businesses want to express themselves in professional looking videos to impress potential customers. Green screen video productions can do just that. They can produce a visually appealing and cost-effective video that shows you off at your best.

The process allows you to be viewed in front of anything you can imagine. Anything from your brand logo, or newest manufacturing facility, to exotic locations thousands of miles away. All from the comfort of our state-of-the-art studio.

Hollywood has recognized the value of green screen video productions for many years. It’s the only way their blockbusters could ever see the light of day. Movie stars don’t want to hang off tall buildings, be thrown out of cars, or fight on rooftops in real life. That’s where green screens come to the fore.

Endless Possibilities

By producing a video with a blue or green screen, we can use chroma key technology in the editing suite to replace the color with something else. The technique replaces the color with another backdrop, giving your imagination free rein over the production, regardless of how fantastic that may be.

Want your band to look like they are performing on top of the Golden Gate Bridge? Want a talking head piece to have a background of the White House or Oval Office? None of it is a problem with our green screen video production.

Green Media Productions has extensive experience with green screen video production. It allows us to produce high quality videos at a fraction of the cost of having to actually travel to a specific destination. We combine our experience with the latest technology to deliver the best green screen video production possible!

Contact Green Media Productions today for a free consultation about the possibility of using a green screen for your needs!

Whether you need a new video for your website, need a corporate video, training film, or anything else, we have the experience to deliver. We can shoot in-house with your people, or source the talent from outside. Whatever your budget, our green screen video production team can create an amazing product that looks great on screen, creates positive feedback and gets you the attention you deserve.