Legal Videos

Miami’s Green Media Productions team specializes in providing high quality multimedia services to the legal profession. We use our commercial experience to deliver clear, concise, quality video for evidence, depositions and mock trial presentations.

We are the ideal partner to prepare or present visual evidence and assist with litigation. Our Miami legal video specialists are trained experienced and equipped to provide a service that won’t let you, or your case down.

Our Miami video production team can provide:

  • Visual evidence
  • Video depositions
  • Video conferencing
  • Mock trial presentations

Any legal video requires extensive attention to detail. You are, in essence, choosing a new member of your legal team, as well as a legal video production company. Green Media Production appreciates the importance of quality and integrity, and treats every project with the professionalism you expect.

Visual Evidence

Visual evidence can include photographs, videos, computer animations and other multimedia. It can be used in a number of ways in and out of court.

Visual evidence can be used to explore information visually. It provides supporting information that helps explain theories and allows open discussion amongst any number of participants.

Video Depositions

A successful court case often rests on the prosecution or defense being able to put forward key information from a variety of witnesses. Video depositions are used to record and analyze witness testimony while under oath. They are also used to preserve testimony for trial.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is the ideal way for contributors in different locations to meet and discuss cases. Expert witnesses can be contacted wherever in the world they may be and offer their advice or testimony, regardless of location.

The legal profession uses video conferencing pre-trial to take testimony, or interview witnesses. It’s also useful for meetings between counsel, administrative and appeal hearings, and recently in virtual courts where defendants have been tried remotely.

Mock Trial Presentations

Mock trial presentations are one of the most powerful tools for evaluation and preparation of court cases. They provide counsel with the opportunity to study how they, their witnesses and their questions come across before the real thing. It’s like a dress rehearsal, where lawyers can refine or change their approach depending how the mock trial goes.

If you’re looking for a partner who will help you represent your clients to the best of their ability, contact the Green Media Production’ Miami legal video team today!