Script Writing

Every great screenplay begins with a great script. Let Green Media Productions’ Miami script writing service will get your message across.

A script is where it all begins. The first step of any communication is to understand what you are trying to say. If you don’t understand your message, your audience won’t either. Creating a script will help ensure that you and your audience understands your intent from the outset.

Script writing is a vital aspect of any video production project. It is very much a joint venture between the script writer, the client and the production team.

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Whether you’re looking for an on-hold message or complete movie script, our writers have the experience and dedication to see it through. Our writing team are long-time veterans of stage and screen and can turn their hand to almost any subject.

What a Good Script Needs to Do

Many self-penned scripts confuse features with benefits. There is also a tendency for anyone within a business to assume the audience has the same level of knowledge they do. This can lead to confusion, too much jargon and a mixed message being communicated.

Rather than selling the features of something, a good script will sell the benefits of owning it.

For example, rather than saying:

“The ABC digital camera has a 5x zoom, professional quality lens and can take pictures up to 41 megapixels.”

A good script writer would say:

“Record your life story in glorious color with the new digital camera from ABC. The Carl Zeiss lens lets you get close to the action while far away and the 41 megapixel capability records everything in amazing detail.”

The second paints a picture of a lifestyle that is much more likely to sell than the dry list of product features. That’s how a good script can revolutionize the way you sell or communicate with your audience.

If you want professional script writing that communicates clearly with your audience, contact the Green Media Productions’ Miami script writing team today!